Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Chaos Strikes Back

Following on from yesterday's wonderful news of an enhanced Dungeon Master, Peter Putnik has now improved the audio for Chaos Strikes Back. Why not make your Atari STe very happy and download this upgrade right now!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dungeon Master

8BitChip have just updated Dungeon Master with DMA sounds for the Atari STe (and MSTE / TT / Falcon). Sadly, I've not had the time to play it - but I'm definitely setting aside this weekend to do just that! This is huge for us adventurers and Peter Putnik went on to say that Chaos Strikes Back is next in line for the STe treatment. I cannot wait :-)


 - Download the new DMA-updated Dungeon Master from the 8BitChip website!
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Friday, February 10, 2017

Everyone's A Geek

I have recently been contacted by Robin, of Robberie. They are an acoustic indiepop group and their latest record is about retro gaming and features numerous devices like the Atari ST and ZX Spectrum. In fact, the Atari ST even had a helping hand in the production with the help of VideoMaster. That fact alone is mind-blowing and I was extremely fascinated by the ST's role in production so he kindly sent some information and pictures. Robin is a proper Atari and #retrogaming freak, which is fantastic! Enjoy the music video and then clickety-click for the Robberie website :-)

"My 1040 STE plays a starring role in the robberie video for Everyone's a geek, helping to create the pixellated monochrome shots. To do this, footage was recorded on a video camera, which was then fed through a Microdeal Videomaster cartridge. The software has a live preview mode which displays a quarter-screen feed of whatever you play in 16 shades of grey. So the recorded footage was played back and then I recorded the output from the computer's screen on my smartphone in order to get into a format compatible with editing software on my Mac.

There are some other Atari relics in the video. There are some shots of Roadblasters on my Lynx, which is modded with the brilliant replacement LCD colour screen. The shot of Pong is I'm afraid not original hardware but comes from an Atari classic tv games joystick.

And the Powerplay Cruiser joysticks are the ONLY ones that I could properly play Kick Off 2 on! You can find out more about the other retro hardware to be found in the video on the robberie website."


Sunday, January 29, 2017


It's been almost a year since I first mentioned news of Raiden under development for the Atari STe by none other than our favourite Frogger dude, Scott Clifford. Commitments forced this to be put on ice, but he's since restarted with great progress and I've seen massive improvements in the last few weeks! As you read this, he's starting the initial work behind enemy sprite routines and more. This is an exciting update for the retro gaming world - watch this space!


 - Hardware scrolling is used for the entire screen - no status panel :-)
 - DMA hardware will be used for the playback of authentic arcade music!
 - The Blitter will be utilised for all the larger sprites.
 - Chip will be used for the sound effects without interfering with the music.
 - Support for the JagPad controller will also be implemented.
 - Please note that my video was recorded under emulation and performance was best on my real Atari STe!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Operation Garfield

I've been browsing through the Floppyshop archives again and this time stumbled upon an Operation Wolf inspired shooter called Operation Garfield. Developed by Dave Brankin, it sparked my curiosity because of its support for the enhanced hardware of the Atari STe with DMA samples and Blitted graphics. I'm always extra eager to see a piece of software for the underappreciated Super ST but I do also admit to being a little sceptical about the Garfield theme!

Once again aliens are invading Earth but this time have decided to strangely disguise themselves as the lazy cat from a TV show. Why? Because they have watched our broadcasts and felt that we would forgive them if they were cute and cuddly invaders. Yep, the storyline is a stretch but it's quite humorous and whatever works, right?

Gameplay takes place across a cityscape littered with invading Garfield's, all of whom enjoy firing lots (and lots) of rockets your way. The mouse is used to move, aim, and to shoot the invaders and their rockets. A near useless Defender-style map hopes to help you locate the other baddies but I didn't care for it. There are some neat touches like ammo caches (which I found by accident), smart bombs, and a little England flag in the distance!

I must credit David Brankin who created an Atari STe game because he was sick and tired of the commercial companies ignoring it. Blittered sprites, 8-way scrolling, and also samples that are played using the DMA hardware, thus everything has zero impact on the CPU. This puts to shame most "pro" software houses of the time.

I fear this has little to offer other than a simple, yet gratifying, Garfield-killing spree. Sadly, it has an extraordinarily high difficulty so I feel I rarely got the chance to fully appreciate it before dying! Operation Garfield is a silly game not to be taken seriously and provides nothing more than a few minutes of stress-busting gun love. That, I did enjoy!


 - You know where to go - AtariMania has the download within their ST database.
 - Also, both Demozoo and Stonish has links to various Menu CD's that featured the game.
 - It doesn't end here! Check out our "Homebrew" group here on AtariCrypt for more games!