Saturday, October 17, 2015

Chaos Engine

Chaos Engine does it big style for me. It's not too dissimilar to the mighty Gauntlet also being a top-down shooter where you get to choose a cool character before running around different environments killing the baddies. Each character has their own unique skills and characteristics, I advise you play with them all to see which you prefer.

I find the worlds to be interesting, both in content and a visual style that enhances its interesting Victorian elements. It still freaks me out to see those monsters coming out from the walls and it sure is a neat feature to have a computer controlled player fighting alongside you (esp. later on). However, it's equally frustrating when he grabs coins and plays better than me! The graphics are outstanding and the scrolling is pushed along nicely using the enhanced hardware within the Atari STe. It would have been great to have heard DMA sound effects blast out or at least a cool background chiptune during gameplay but, having said this, the sound effects are excellent and good enough.

There are few games that are must-haves and Chaos Engine is one such title. I have always ranked the Bitmap Brothers as one the best 16-bit developers, never a shoddy port as their games always ooze quality. Chaos Engine proves this and is an addictive, action-packed, adrenaline rush offering a timeless arcade-style enjoyment. Love it.


 - Bitmap Bros have a cool website with maps, guides and more!
 - Let's Play have a great page with many infos.
 - 8BitChip has created a hard drive installable version!
 - Fancy some level codes? Well of course you do!
          -> World Two = T6MV6J4LGLCZ (Thug + Mercenary)
          -> World Two = 73VBPXY1PZV1 (Brigand + Navvie)
          -> World Two = QLVKM4YKJQVS (my own code!)
          -> World Three = 4WQZTTRG61MZ (Navvie + Gentleman)
          -> World Three = 2#YNLN7SR94W (Navvie + Brigand)
          -> World Three = JSP99G416LY2 (I've no idea where I found this!)
          -> World Four = PK2R9J6G5W4K (Navvie + Gentleman)
          -> World Four = C8737KFPBCDB (Navvie + Preacher)
 - ST Format featured a fantastic guide and a walk-through solution (issues: #51 #52 #53 #54)