Sunday, May 22, 2016


That little yellow fella who just loves to pop those pills is back on AtariCrypt. Hmm, that's hardly a great introduction for one of the most fascinating clones of Pac-Man! This is Crapman (yes, you heard correctly) which was originally featured within the awesome Synergy megademo and later released as a standalone product in 1993.

Most Atarians rate this as one of the best Pac-Man clones on the Atari ST and it's obvious why. Gameplay is spot-on perfect and extremely challenging because of those pesky ghosts and cunning level designs. The graphics are marvellous and the music is by Scavenger, thus on another level of chiptune existence! Crapman may indeed be a silly name but it's a great twist on the original idea. Immensely addictive and quite possibly the best Pacman ever!!


 - Download Crapman game from the Demozoo website.
 - My video recording of extreme gaming skills!
 - The Synergy Megademo is one of the best Atari ST demos so download it.
 - I also recorded a few more videos of superb Synergy:
  1. Unfinished Demo
  2. Megademo Music Disk
  3. DBA #6 Intro
  4. Megademo - Symbiosys
  5. Megademo - Credits Screen