Saturday, June 18, 2016

worth the gamble?

I came upon an eBay auction for an Atari ST plus SM125 monitor. Both looked in real bad condition, extremely dirty and advertised as not working. Covered in the battle scars, I could see what looked like a burn on the case near the power supply unit. Thankfully, I took a chance and shockingly ended up winning the lot for 99 pence.

Today I collected both from a fella that told me all about its history and the years he spent using Cubase and, once home, I opened it up and began the heavy duty cleaning. I expected it to be hard work but this machine was a wreck, extremely filthy both inside and out. At some point, it looked like the original PSU had exploded in flames but I also noticed various repair logo stickers underneath the beast. Cleaning took a while and I'm sure a new vaccine was growing underneath a fluffy spacebar! Once I had removed the case and keyboard, things started to get better and I could see both PSU and motherboard were in great condition. Strangely, the floppy drive had a soot-like grime over it and the cables were covered in a mass of creepy cobwebs.

Everything is now clean and the keyboard restored from its previously toxic state. The cover took some graft to get it back to an acceptable level but there is only so much I can do (Yes, I'll be trying out a peroxide treatment once Summer returns). Well, my baby is a 1040 STF and SysInfo confirms TOS 1.00 with 1mb Ram. The postman delivered midi cables this morning so can you guess which game we will be playing today?

...and all for 99 pence. Woop Woop!

filthy but working
The insides were worse with
spiders webs all around the floppy
drive cables. Creepy!
(click on all pics to view large)
All spanky and clean now
Midi Maze time!