Monday, June 12, 2017

Virtual Escape

After about 6 years, Equinox eventually released Virtual Escape in 1999 and its one of my favourite demos, ever. The tunes are utterly sexy and there are also some of the most incredible visuals that will blow your socks off!! Those swirling dots are gobsmackingly beautiful and I love the 3D which is so fast. It's hard to believe this is all on a stock 512kb Atari ST running at 8MHz. An incredible production which oozes class and is definitely one of the beST 16-Bit demos, ever. Please don't emulate - experience this on your real Atari ST and turn up the volume!


 - You can download Virtual Escape right now off Demozoo.
 - Democyclopedia mentions each effect, along with the awesome Skyline which you can see above.