Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Fractal Engine


I've no idea why I started doing this because I've never really "got" the whole obsession people had with fractals back in the day. I guess there must have been something to this fantasy art because I remember so many magazine cover disk often had a fractal generator. These could hog a humble 8MHz Atari ST for several hours as it zoomed endlessly into a fractal world of whacky shapes and colours that only a hippie would appreciate.

Today, I booted up ST Format cover disk #42 which features The Fractal Engine by Daniel Grace and Mike Harris so I figured, "why not?". Well, I never, after a couple of hours tinkering I actually began to create some rather cool images with tripped-out effects and groovy colours. I hope you like my creations, which were all calculated on my own Atari STe. Except for one and that was done using XaoS on my Mac, but can you guess which? (click the pics)

It's so easy to pick up and begin producing your own incredibly beautiful images with little effort. What a superb program this is and one I've genuinely enjoyed using. Oh no, does this mean I'm turning into a hippie?